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IZHEVSK PLASTIC PLANT is relatively new but established company in the world chemistry. It was built in 1972 as a companion-plant of Izhmash Automotive Plant, and nowadays Izhevsk Plastics Plant is one of the first-rate polymer processors in Ural region.

Izhevsk Plastics Plant holds modern technologies and equipment for elastic polyurethane production; since 1976 Izhevsk Plastics Plant produces and supplies seats, seat-backs and head-rests padding for IZH automobiles.

Polyurethane foam is considered to be an advanced technology type of foamed plastics, produced by cold shaping method.

In 1980 experimental-industrial production of polyurethane elastomers for military-industrial establishment was started. Productive capacity was about 5000 tonnes per year. Nowadays IPP is one of biggest PU elastomer producers which performs orders of petroleum industry, machinery construction, railway-carriage building industry, mineral resources and woodworking industry.

In 1985 Izhevsk Plastics Plant put into exploitation complex equipment and technology purchased from Sekisui Chemical (Japan). It was the first and the only plant in Russia and CIS-countries which produced physically crosslinked polyethylene foam. Nowadays Izhevsk Plastics Plant is the only in Russia that can produce all types of polyethylene foam in continuous technology.

KRUPP KAUTEX (Germany) extrusion blowing equipment gives an ability to produce hollow articles of different sizes and shape (jerricans, washing and expansion tanks, air-ducts and others) which are applied in automotive industry, in private life, for liquid products packing.

Our plant was reformed in join stock company in 1993.

In 2002 Izhevsk Plastics Plant purchased and set in operation highly productive line for polymer based masterbatches and compounds production. Compounds and masterbatches are polymer compositions with filler and addition agents and are used in production of high-quality PE foam ISOLON®.

Taking into account high interest of foreign companies in our products quality system certification was held by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI). In 2001 our plant was certified ISO 9002, in 2004 IPP got ISO 9001:2000-12 certificate.

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