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We're glad to inform you of new production line which is going to start in second quarter of 2006. New products will be manufactured under Isolontape trade mark. Isolontape is a tape based on foam, polymer or other one- or double-sided material covered with hot melt reeled on cardboard spool. In order to protect adhesive coating during production and transport release coating made of paper or film is used.
Future trends are:
  • Polyethylene foam + hot-melt + paper release coating;
  • Hot-melt + polyethylene foam + hot-melt + double-sided paper release coating;
  • Hot-melt + polyethylene foam + hot-melt + film release coating;
  • Paper release coating + hot-melt + polyethylene foam + hot-melt + paper release coating;
  • Polyethylene foam + hot-melt;
Isolon of different types (thickness ranges from 0.5 to 10 mm, density varies between 33 and 250 kg/m3) is intended to be used as a polymeric base of adhesive tapes. Because of foamed base, IsolonTape fills small irregularities and is perfect to join rough and uneven surfaces.
Joints made by means of Isolontape are characterized with noise- and shock-absorption, vibro- and impact protective ability. Some of them can provide high sealing effect, have high isolating qualities and strong adhesion within wide range of temperatures. Fields of application:
  • Construction (shock and sound insulating substrate for parquet, plastic and wooden window-frames sealing, glass pack support, seam sizing);
  • Repair work (mirrors, suspended constructions, decorative elements, glass pack straps, plinths, floor coatings fastening, etc.);
  • Gypsum board liner fastening tape;
  • Air ducts and piping thermal insulation (metallized tape is used);
  • Electronic industry (electronics small parts fastening);
  • Automotive industry (moldings, mirrors, signs, spoilers and plastic parts fastening);
  • Advertising (mounting, joining and fastening)
  • Shoe industry, fancy goods production (finished parts are used);
Foam based adhesive tapes are established in construction.
Adhesive tapes with characteristics set below are available:
  • Tape width ranges from 2.0 to 1500 mm;
  • Tape thickness ranges from 1.0 to 10.0 mm;
  • Max. roll diameter 420 mm (tape length depends on foam thickness)
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